Titles Available for Purchase

  • Yoga Teacher Training Material - Winter 2019

    114 videos  |  Buy $3,500

    Yoga Teacher Training Material - Winter 2019

  • Pregnant & Powerful Teacher's Edition

    38 videos  |  Buy $159

    Take the Teacher’s Edition to enhance your own prenatal teaching and offering! Includes:

    Access to the full Pregnant & Powerful™ program above
    3 Additional Training Videos: Teaching Basic Prenatal Yoga Basics (for those of you who’ve taken the Uplifted™ 200-Hour YTT, this is the same material...

  • Pregnant & Powerful
    33 videos  |  Buy $137

    Pregnant & Powerful

    33 videos  |  Buy $137

    Pregnancy, labor and delivery IS the ultimate fusion of body, mind and spirit.

    EMBRACE your pregnancy as a catalyst for radiant health, well-being, and transformation
    SUPERCHARGE your intuition, sculpt your body, and step into supreme serenity
    INCREASE your energy, stamina, and prepare your ...

  • Fascial Fitness - The Missing Link in Human Movement

    7 videos  |  Buy $24

    Your fascia - the interconnective tissue beneath your skin - has often been called the “missing link” in modern medicine. All your muscles, bones, arteries, veins and cells LIVE INSIDE this connective tissue. Science has proven that fascial restrictions are often the cause of skeletal misalignmen...